Welcome to LEARNING KINETICS! Starting as a small business in Hong Kong 2019, we have big dreams. Our mission for LEARNING KINETICS means that we provide our customers with the highest quality of products that help you learn, create, play and celebrate with ones you love.

【 Our Story】

Learning Kinetics is the sole distributor of Vespa in Hong Kong & Macau. We are keep bringing different kinds of toys to Hong Kong from abroad to fit for the market. In 2020, we are so proud that Learning Kinetics was to acquire the corporate trust business of New Classic Toys (Netherland) & Nutcase (US). In the future, we would like to provide our kids not only a fun and development toy products, also with a high quality and sustainable toys to ensure that playing can be educational and valuable for our child.


歡迎來到LEARNING KINETICS! LEARNING KINETICS於2019年開始創辦,我們擁有遠大的夢想。 創辦LEARNING KINETICS是希望我們能夠為客戶提供最高質量的玩具產品,與您所愛的孩子們一起學習、創造並且一起成長。


LEARNING KINETICS主要從事兒童玩具代理業務 。意大利品牌偉士小綿羊Vespa 更是我們第一個在香港和澳門區的獨家代理。 為迎合香港地小人多的因素,我們不斷將不同種類的玩具從國外帶到香港以供應市場的需要。 在2020 年,LEARNING KINETICS 好榮幸得到New Classic Toys(荷蘭品牌)和 Nutcase(美國品牌)的信任,成為香港及澳門區的總代理。 在不久的將來,我們希望為我們的孩子提供的不僅是有趣的玩具產品,還引進高質素及高顏值的玩具,以確保對我們的孩子將來具有價值和教育意義。

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