New Classic Toys-Bon Appetit【木製野餐籃玩具10590】



This lovely traditional wicker basket from New Classic Toys is great for teaching young children about different types of food. Your child will enjoy exploring the various shapes and colors as they prepare a delicious meal.

This basket comes with all the picnic essentials:
• A juice
• A milk
• A fruit
• Sandwich with cheese
• A croissant
• Two cups and plates
• Two cutting knifes
• Two forks
• Tablecloth
• Sweet treats

Size: 27x19x16.5cm

Age: 36+

This article is part of the New Classic Toys “Bon Appetit” productline. Cutting, baking, cooking and ready for dinner! Our little pots, pans, cuttings sets and kitchens are absolute must haves for little master chefs.


尺寸 27 × 19 × 16.5 cm