New Classic Toys-Bon Appetit【木製銀色現代經典廚房系列套裝玩具11053】




A little chef’s dream kitchen from New Classic Toys for preparing and cooking playfood. Little chefs will love cooking up meals for the whole family with the adorable kitchen. Children can use their imaginations to create menus. This kitchen is perfect for playtime as your child and their friends can cook together, promoting strong social skills. It has everything a little chef needs. With a removable sink, two-burner cooktop, see-through door oven, storage shelves turning knobs, and a clock with movable hands. This kitchen has the perfect ingredients for hours of pretend-play fun!

Complete with:
• A pot with lid
• Frying pan
• Cooking utensils
• Oven glove
• A salt and pepper pot

The two knobs on the countertop clicks when turned. Worktop height 46 cm.

Size: 60x30x78cm

Age: 36+

This beautiful kitchen is part of the New Classic Toys “Bon Appetit” productline. Cutting, baking, cooking and ready for dinner! Our little pots, pans, cuttings sets and kitchens are absolute must haves for little master chefs.


尺寸 60 × 30 × 78 cm



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